MP lashes out at partymen

KURNOOL: Kotla Jayasuryaprakasa Reddy, MP, lashed out at the government saying Kurnool district was neglected in all spheres. Every Rayalaseema district was getting some project or other except Kurnool.

Talking to a group of journalists, Mr. Reddy said Congress party had got weakened as MLAs, ministers and the Chief Minister himself were trying to keep themselves aloof.

The TDP was growing strong not out of its own strength but from the mistakes of the Congress.

He said the ministers and MLAs never bothered to attend the party meeting, which thoroughly demoralized the cadre. TDP men were in an advantageous position now. rather than Congress cadres who were divided between MLAs and MPs.

No counter

He said when TDP district president Byreddy Rajasekhar Reddy undertook foot march along the KC canal criticizing the Congress, not single MLA or minister countered his criticism.

Mr. Reddy said the Congress MLAs should know the fact that money would not help win the election.

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