MLC aspirants' election agenda doing the rounds

Staff Reporter

There were some common priorities listed out by almost all candidates

Promise of jobs for unemployed topped the wish-listLyrics dominated pamphleteering especially on opponents

ADILABAD: The promises being made by the MLC aspirants seem bound to be broken, going by the degree of difficulty in getting them realised. "Some of the agenda being proffered by candidates in the race for the graduates' constituency in Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Adilabad and Medak districts are so ambitious that even a Prime Minister will think twice before making such promises", remarked a voter on reading a pamphlet.

Issues like separate Telangana, filling-up of vacancies besides creation of employment

opportunities for unemployed graduates are common to all agendas given by all 26 aspirants of this constituency. However, there are two promises which have some relevance to prevalent times and the nature of the constituency and therefore no surprise to the voters: promise to establish a Rs. 400-crore IT park, an eco park and the IIT at Basar. "Ideally it should have been a commitment towards these goals", pointed out the voter wishing anonymity.