Locals to resist open cast mining by SCCL

Gollapudi Srinivasa Rao

PARKAL (WARANGAL DT.): The picturesque locales in the agency mandals of Mulug, Venkatapur and Station Ghanpur are facing serious threat from the ongoing expansion of coal mining in the area.

The proposed open cast mining by the SCCL displaces about 7,000 families inhabiting several villages. The Peddapuram block would endanger Laxmipuram, Gopaiahpally, Perakapalli and Baghsinghpally and Jangaupalli and Madhavaraopally. Speaking to The Hindu, Peddapuram sarpanch Cheruku Kumara Swamy said they would resist the open cast mining in their area. “We will lose our precious lands and livelihood. We are here for ages and now we cannot vacate this place of coal mines,” he said. Mr. Komuraiah, a farmer of the village says the coal mines do not help them in anyway. “This beautiful forest will go and all our villages will go. Do you want us to give up our lands on which we live?” he poses.

Peddapuram block open cast envisages mining in 4.7 kilometre, 20 metre width and 30 kilometre deep trenching for coal extraction. The official estimates show 970 million tonne coal reserves in the area. The upcoming Kakatiya Thermal Power Station (KTPS) Phase I envisaging generation of 500 MW requires 25 lakh tonnes of coal and the Phase II under progress requires 30 lakh tonnes of coal supplies.People inhabiting the villages around need to vacate them and move out, paving way for coal mining. About 850 acres of private land, 650 acres of assigned land, in addition to the 1,000 acres of government land would be taken over for the said activity. The forest department has 150 acres of land in the area.

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