Lacklustre, tried and tested theme

Two much: A still from ‘Manjeera’.

Two much: A still from ‘Manjeera’.  

Film: Manjeera

Cast: Gautham, Sridevi

Direction: Sai Bhanu

Manjeera is not the name of the heroine or a reservoir of water; it’s a ring in shape of an anklet given to a son by the mother as a parting gift. The orphaned Vasu (Gautham) grows up in the care of a gangster but is strangely blessed with all the virtues of a Samaritan. On one occasion he saves a pregnant woman from being stabbed by a drunkard and Beena (Sridevi) falls instantly in love with him. The film appears lacklustre and the same tried and tested theme of a girl being sold to Dubai Sheikhs in the old city fails to enthuse.

There is a parallel story too; the gang leader for whom Vasu works has taken a fascination for Beena. Vasu watches silently not knowing she is the same girl who’s speaking to him over the phone and also helped him retrieve his lost ring. Once truth is dawned, a tug of war between Vasu and gangster begins with the predictable scenes of blood, gore and violence. The movie lacks style and energy and the debutant hero has one fixed expression. The comedy falls flat with the only silver lining is Sridevi’s spirited performance. Music is passable and so is photography. Eminently avoidable.


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