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Ramya Krishna in ‘Mr. Gireesam’.

Ramya Krishna in ‘Mr. Gireesam’.  

Film: Mr. Gireesam

Cast: Krishna Bhagwan, Ramya Krishna

Direction: Viswaprasad

Mr. Gireesam is another case of a filmmaker who needs to sell his story by roping in popular faces. He projects them as the lead pair, but they more or less act as guest actors.

In fact, the first half of the film has Ramya Krishna speaking for less than five minutes. Krishna Bhagwan comes in when the story is losing steam. But his presence hardly makes any difference. In fact, there is no hero or heroine, it is a huge team of lesser known artistes telling a story of contemporary women.

The film begins with a youth attempting suicide and Krishna Bhagwan helping him out of depression. He accompanies him home, helps him recover the lost money – the reason for which he wants to give up his life. His family is more than pleased. Here JP Reddy, who is the head of the house, is extremely loud, anxious and short tempered. He is shown as being abusive, insensitive to his wife and one is made to understand he married her when she was very young.

Now JP Reddy’s daughter is not married. So the point driven home is more than her bad horoscope. His daughter has a friend who is expecting a child and the mother-in-law wants her to abort the baby as it is a girl child. A college lecturer takes advantage of her student’s bleak financial position and pushes them into flesh trade. That’s not the end, also depicted here are parents who have a mad fascination for NRI grooms, who push their daughters into marriage without checking their credentials.

Ramya Krishna plays an advocate, who has a workshop-cum-organisation to help women who are cheated, and counsels them. She is here espousing their cause. Krishna Bhagwan attempts to bring in change in his own inimitable way.

Though the director had noble intentions, the way he projected the story is boring. Clichéd episodes make it look more like a documentary rather than fiction.

Y. Sunita Chowdhary

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