Krishna water leakage at Moghal-ka-nala

Staff Reporter

Hyderabad: A leakage occurred to the Krishna water pipeline at Moghal-ka-nala on Tuesday morning on the 1400/1200 mm diameter pipeline laid from Mailardevpally to Prashasan Nagar (Ring Main I). On receipt of information, the pumps were stopped at Mailardevpally and within 30 minutes the pipeline was isolated and scouring started.

The rectification work is expected to be completed by early hours of Wednesday. The leakage resulted in loss of 2 mg water, it is said.

The leakage might have occurred due to the construction of Express highway with excavation for pillars all along the road resulting in settlement of soil, said Ch. Gowtham Reddy, Director, Projects, HMWSSB.

Due to expansion of the Express highway, road widening took place on this stretch with the result the pipeline laid earlier at the edge of the BT road had now come in the middle of the road. As heavy vehicular traffic passes on this road and due to settlement of soil during road formation, uneven pressures might have developed at the pipeline joint causing leakage, Mr. Reddy said in a press release.

No water supply today

There will be no supply of water on Wednesday in the following areas fed by Krishna Water Supply Phase II system.

The areas affected are: L.B. Nagar, Gaddiannaram municipal area, Balapur, Chandrayangutta, Hyderabad International Airport, Salala Barkas, Maisram, Kukatpally, Borabanda and Balanagar areas.

The Krishna Phase II pipeline and Ring Main I from Sahebnagar to Prashasan Nagar is being shut down for 30 hours from 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday in order to make interconnecting junction to the newly-laid Ring Main II pipeline to Krishna Phase II pipeline.