Konathala game for probe

Konathala Ramakrishna

Konathala Ramakrishna  

Special Correspondent

`If the ACB has evidence let it produce it before YSR'

Vindicates allegations against two MLAs, SPFarmer-friendly programmes of YSR hailed

VISAKHAPATNAM: Commercial Taxes Minister Konathala Ramakrishna said here on Saturday that he would ask Chief Minister Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy to order a probe into all allegations being made against him, including amassing wealth and being supportive to the suspended SP J.G. Murali.

"I will ask the Chief Minister to inquire suo moto into all allegations", he said during a press meet when the allegations being made against two MLAs close to him being involved in land settlements as also allegations against the suspended SP.

"We don't have specific information on the MLAs' involvement. The Chief Minister had made it clear here on Friday, that an inquiry would be launched if there is a specific and strong charge. If the ACB has the evidence (of involvement of MLAs or him), let it be produced before the Chief Minister", Mr. Ramakrishna said.

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