Kids curious to interactive learning

Children participating in The Hindu-NIE programme at Sri Sahitya School in Guntur.

Children participating in The Hindu-NIE programme at Sri Sahitya School in Guntur.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: T. Vijaya Kumar

P. Samuel Jonathan

Focus on sports and balanced nutrition

GUNTUR: Give a child a newspaper and he/she invariably flips it over and gazes at the sports pages. Articles and photographs depicting sporting greatness had for a long time fascinated the young and the old alike. Most of the children read the sports page and roll the paper down.

For the students of Class 8 at Sri Sahitya Concept School, The Hindu-Newspaper In Education module on Nutrition and Sports held on Tuesday opened new vistas of interactive learning. As the NIE instructor, G. Veena, initiated the discussion on the topic, the children were curious to know the special relationship between sporting success and a balanced nutrition.

Picking out one of the greatest swimmer of the modern era, Micheal Phelps, she sought to drill the importance of taking protein-rich food and developing the stamina and the endurance levels needed to excel in top sport.

She showed pictures of Phelps in full motion, his body and mind in perfect fusion as he waded through the water.

Dhoni and milk

The students too had a piece of advice on how to maintain a balance between the food and the work and how an imbalanced diet could lead to changes to chronic health disorders.

The next sportsperson on the show was none other than the Indian Cricket Team skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni. An interesting poser was put to boys and girls. “How much milk would Dhoni consume everyday?”

Some said one litre, others said ‘10 glasses,’ but none got it right. In fact Dhoni has two litres of milk every day enough to hit those towering sixes and dive across the turf all the day.

A mention was also made of the contribution of a child wonder from Orissa, Buddhia, who was breaking all the records until the government stepped in.

The class ended with the students being given a sagely advice on how to plan and achieve their goals with single- minded dedication and hard work.

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