Jumbo problem surfaces again

Staff Reporter

Srikakulam: Wild elephants are in news again. A herd damaged crops in Chinakotipalli and Basur villages in Palakonda mandal on Wednesday and Thursday. The jumbos damaged mango, cashew and banana plantations, causing losses to many farmers.

The pachyderms that strayed into the district from Lakheri wildlife sanctuary in Orissa continue to pose a threat to the local people. Earlier, their problem was felt in Veeraghattam, Palakonda and Seethampeta mandals. In the last couple of years, they trampled to death some 11 persons. The reason for their straying into human habitat was said to be lush green corps. Divisional Forest Officer Rama Rao, in a statement, stated that forest guards were alerted on the movement of the jumbos.

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