Jayaprakash Narayan scores decisive win

Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: Disproving the view in some quarters that elections cannot be won without offering inducements to voters, Lok Satta Party President Jayaprakash Narayan has registered a decisive victory form Kukatpally Assembly constituency in city and opened account for his party in the Legislative Assembly.

Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan, the IAS officer turned social and political activist, whose philosophy of ushering in clean and transparent politics with no role for money and liquor as an alternative to traditional politics pursued by the mainstream parties found favour mainly with the educated middle class, employees, youth, women and poor in urban areas.

It indeed reflected in the significant vote share LSP garnered in the urban constituencies, cutting into the vote share of main political parties besides ensuring success to the party president in his electoral debut. Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan defeated his nearest rival Vaddepalli Narsingarao by over 15,400 votes . The party contested in 246 Assembly seats and 33 Lok Sabha seats. Though it won only one seat, it secured significant vote share of 10 to 15 per cent in urban constituencies and about five per cent in rural areas. But for Lok Satta, Congress and TDP would have further improved their tally as Lok Satta candidates took away thousands of votes away from both the parties.

He said his victory was an indication that people asserted themselves to vote for a party that stood for morality, honesty and people-centric politics. Reacting to the outcome of 2009 elections, he said people had displayed extraordinary judgement in rejecting opportunistic alliances with no coherent agenda except to grab power and unseat others.

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