Jack of all, master of the mind

Scholarly pursuit: Karri Rama Reddy at his library in Rajahmundry.

Scholarly pursuit: Karri Rama Reddy at his library in Rajahmundry.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: S. Rambabu

B.V.S. Bhaskar

Karri Rama Reddy, a psychiatrist from Rajahmundry, has earned various degrees from different universities

Rajahmundry: He is the first MBBS doctor to get accredited master’s degree in computers. And he is the first doctor who passed LLB with distinction and stood first in all subjects. He is the first doctor who is just finishing his M. Tech course and he is the one who completed MBA also. He is Karri Rama Reddy of Rajahmundry.

Main subject

Dr. Reddy, who hailed from Anaparti of East Godavari district, has settled in Rajahmundry for the last three decades.

“I first wanted to be a policeman who will have the power of lathi; then I decided to be a doctor,” says Dr. Rama Reddy. He took mind science as his pet subject at PG level and became popular in the four coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh as number one psychiatrist.

“From the beginning I was a Telugu medium student. So I decided to learn English first and do MA literature in English. But, no university has offered me a seat as I have not studied English as main subject during my graduation (MBBS),” says Dr. Reddy.

So, he first started his journey as student in 1990 and did his MA (political science) from Madurai Kamaraj University. With this PG degree he approached Nagarjuna University and with great difficulty he got seat in MA (English).

The he took guidance of A. Satyanarayana and P.S. Bhatt to train in diploma in creative writing in English. He also did his diploma in functional English from CIEFEL.

After fulfilling his ambitions partly in English, he looked at management studies and did his MBA from IGNOU in organisation psychology. Then he thought of getting a post-graduate degree in computers and approached Madras University.

He took pains in learning 8, 9 and 10 class maths to appear for MCA exams and passed MCA and became the first doctor to take accredited masters degree in computers.

Now, he just passed his LLB with distinction and is going to finish his last semester of M.Tech in August.

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