Internal evaluation move worries teachers

R. Ravikanth Reddy

Faculty feels the move would expose them to students who don’t hesitate to attack teachers

HYDERABAD: Horror days are ahead for Osmania University teachers with the administration deciding to opt for complete internal evaluation of the examination scripts from this semester.

This decision to opt for internal valuation for the odd-semesters was conveyed to the Chairman of Boards of Studies of all departments by the administration heads recently.

Already worried over the growing militant attitude of the students over issue of marks, the faculty feels the move would expose them to students who don’t hesitate to attack teachers if they happen to fail in the examinations.

The university has been witnessing incidents of this kind over the last few years. There have been instances of departments being ransacked and teachers being threatened with dire consequences by student mobs.

In quite a few such instances, police cases were filed against each other using caste, regional and religious affiliations.

And sadly, seldom did the teachers get support from the administration.


“Threats are a routine affair after the results are released every semester. At times, the foul language used against us makes us feel ashamed to have chosen this profession,” said a professor in Arts College arguing that the internal evaluation will make their life miserable. “The students for sure can identify the lecturer who corrected their papers and who handled those scripts,” he said.

Many teachers do agree that even now marks are given liberally due to the fear factor and yet students fail!

In the existing system, the first valuation is done by teachers of a different university and for the second time, by teachers of the department concerned.

If the difference is more than 20 marks, then valuation by a third party is opted. But this happens very rarely.

Given the changing socio-political scenario on the campus, teachers feel the university should totally opt for external valuation.

“Even the second valuation done internally should be scrapped as is spoiling the atmosphere and affecting relations between students and teachers,” argued a teacher.

The university apparently chose this option to speed up results and save money.

But senior teachers charge the administration’s objective is to ensure every student clear the examinations irrespective of the performance and thus avoid unrest on campus, which the government doesn’t want in the election year!

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