Interesting outing for the serious audience Film review

Film: Adhyaksha

Cast: Ragu Babu, Jeeva

Direction: Maruduri Raja

Dialogue writer Maruduriraja packs enough substance and drives a point home without deviating in his socio-political drama Adhyaksha.

Strong plot

This film revolves around Vijay Chandar, a retired school teacher whose peaceful life comes to a halt when the mafia aided by the politicians grab his land in the upmarket Madhapur area. When he confronts them, his granddaughter is kidnapped and raped, grandson is killed, the witnesses are silenced for ever and eventually his family is driven out with a meagre compensation.

The old man with tired legs but a new found spirit takes it on himself to seek revenge as justice is denied to him in the court. The film begins with Vijay Chandar loaded with cash takes home three jail birds and goads them to carry out the killing of the politicians. The story is narrated in a flash back and is correctly punctuated by an item song, and a couple of situational songs.

Though post interval it drags, and Vijay Chandar’s sermon is lengthy towards the final scenes, one doesn’t complain as the cast is apt and the way they carry out the killing is interesting. The subject itself is not fresh but the interesting screenplay and whacky dialogues holds ones attention. There is no separate comedy track and Ragu Babu doubles up as one of the hired killer and signs off with his one liners. Brahmaji, Jeeva do a good job and Vijay Chandar makes an impact. Brahmanandam and Venu Madhav in serious roles draw attention. The director has chosen land-grabbing as a theme and has succeeded in building an interesting story.

This film has a fair dose of violence but is not dark and serious. Romance is negligible and so are many other commercial elements but with a patient, appreciative and acknowledging audience, this drama should grow with a strong word of mouth.


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