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Many students have patents to their credit

Scope for community, hospital pharmacy

Pharmacists should guide patient properly

VIJAYAWADA: Community and hospital pharmacy will soon take precedence over industrial pharmacy in the country and pharmacists will then play a very important role in health care sector, according to K.R.S. Sambasiva Rao, coordinator of the Centre for Bio-Technology at Acharya Nagarjuna University.

He was delivering a lecture on ‘Know your pharmacist: For right use of medicines’ organised by the Kommareddy Venkata Sadasiva Rao Siddhartha College of Pharmaceutical Sciences as part of the National Pharmacy Week celebrations here on Monday.

Prof. Rao said pharmacy students in India prefer industrial pharmacy and many of them were doing extremely well. A good number of them even had several patents to their credit. But, in the developed countries, there was tremendous scope for community and hospital pharmacy. This would be the case soon in India too, with the Government enacting new legislations. Pharmacists would then be working in close association with doctors and paramedics.


Explaining the concepts, he said a community pharmacist would be dispensing prescription drugs, and when legally permitted, would sell drugs even without a prescription.

In India, 30 per cent of people look to pharmacists to help them with their ailments. Hospital pharmacists would monitor patients’ compliance with, and therapeutic response to, different drugs and recognise and report any adverse drug reactions.

Prof. Rao explained that several inter-disciplinary areas were developing very fast. Pharmacists were increasingly associating themselves with pharmaceutical biotechnology, plant chemistry, pharmaco-informatics, chem-infomatics, geronto-pharmacy (effect of drugs on the aged), pharmaco-genomics (effect of drugs on genomes), pharmacology and toxicology, he pointed out.

College prinicipal Devala Rao said a pharmacist should guide the patient to use the drugs properly. If iron tablets were taken on an empty stomach, a lot of discomfort would be caused because of flatulence. Similarly, tetracycline tablets should not be taken with milk. It was the duty of a pharmacist to guide the patients by explaining such facts. A pharmacist should continue to be abreast of the rapid developments in the field, he felt.

Siddhartha Academy of General and Technical Education joint secretary K.J.N. Prasad, who presided over the function, said in a field like pharmacy there was lot to learn from pharmacists who established themselves in the field.

This was the reason for inviting distinguished persons to the college during the pharmacy week celebrations, he said.

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