Indu Projects’ gesture to its workers

Joyous occasion: Children of construction workers in the play area developed at Indu Shramik Nagar on Saturday.   | Photo Credit: — Photo: Mohd. Yousuf

Comes out with housing, play area and medical facility for workers

HYDERABAD: Children run around in excitement for they have a play area now. Parents are happy for there is a school for the children. And every one here is in a happy mood as they have got a host of facilities, including medical care and a place to stay.

As part of its annual day ‘Indutsav 2008’ on Saturday, Indu Projects has come out with Indu Shramik Nagar, a row housing to accommodate 800 families of construction workers, a school building for their children, play area and a medical facility to treat the workers and their family members.

Nearly 1,000 employees of the company took part in the celebrations and also became part of various programmes such as tree plantation, health and blood donation camps organised on the occasion. Blankets too were given to the workers.

The real foundation

The company owes it to the thousands of labourers who strove hard to lay a strong foundation for it, said I. Syam Prasad Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, Indu Projects. “Even as many companies are cutting down cost by cancelling numerous yearly activities in the wake of continuing economic downturn, we are only too happy to celebrate this event because our company is healthy in all respects and it is only because of the hard work put in by the construction workers and the employees,” Mr. Reddy added.