Indo-German chamber's land taken back

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: The Revenue department reclaimed on Saturday the land that had been allotted in favour of Indo-German Chamber of Commerce in Shaikpet village as it remained unutilised.

The Government had issued orders allotting one acre of Government land TS.No.1 Block-E Ward No.9 co-related to survey No.403/part of Shaikpet village to the Indo German Chamber of Commerce for establishment of Business Centre and the land was handed over to the representative of Indo German Chamber of Commerce on March 3, 2000.

A release from the Collectorate said that as per the GO.No.242. Collector was empowered to resume the unutilised Government lands and therefore the above land was claimed back by the Revenue department after due procedure. The worth of the land is about Rs.40 crores.