India has vast untapped talent, says US Consul General

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Nuclear pact best part of Indo-US relations, he says

VISAKHAPATNAM: Consul General, American Consulate General (Hyderabad), Cornelia M. Keur, on Thursday said India has vast untapped potential and latent talent in rural areas and by providing infrastructure facilities and stressing on agriculture, it could develop faster.

Participating in an interactive session organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry – Visakhapatnam Zone, , he said increasing ties between India and US bodes well for both countries. According to him, the courageous Civil Nuclear Agreement between the two countries was the best part of the relations and has great political significance. Nuclear power generation was the best way out, he said. Stating that the US President Barack Obama wants close relations with India, he said India and US would make efforts to solve the issue of terrorism, a problem that both countries faced. The need to take action to isolate terrorists by eliminating the causes of terrorism was stressed by the Consul General.

Vibrant market

India with vibrant domestic market represented the same energy and dynamism as China and what Briton achieved in 75 years and US in 50 years, the Asian Tigers viz., India and China had achieved in much shorter period. There was great change in India in the last 10 years and more changes would be witnessed in the next 10 years, he said. He appreciated IT professional from Andhra Pradesh, and said this was because of emphasis on higher education. Everybody in AP had close connections with the US, he said.

Chairman, CII Visakhapatnam Zone, K.V. Bhaskar said US technology and Indian manpower would make good chemistry and would help development. The role of CII was that of a catalyst to ensure faster industrial growth, he said. Vice-chairman, CII Visakhapatnam Zone, Sriram Ravi Chander and Head- CII, Visakhapatnam, KNVN Murthy, participated.

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