Illegal structures in for trouble


Pay penalisation fee or face action,

says Municipal Chairperson

VIZIANAGARAM: Municipal Chairperson M. Geetha has threatened to cut water and power supply to buildings that were constructed illegally if penalisation fee for regularisation was not paid by May 31.

Regularise structures

At a press conference on Wednesday evening, Ms. Geetha asked owners to regularise structures that were built between January 1, 1985 and December 2007.

She said the municipality had so far sold 779 applications for regularisation and of them 326 only were received.

She said that remittances could also be made in instalments.

Plan approval

Municipal Commissioner S.S. Verma, who was present, said that those who obtained plan approval for domestic use and later converted it for commercial purpose must also have to pay the penal fee.

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