Ilambarthi takes over as Municipal Commissioner

Staff Reporter

To mainly focus on drinking water supply and sanitation

New Commissioner exudes confidence that the city will get a facelift with Central funding

In a touching gesture Ilambarthi escorts Siddharth Jain till the car

GUNTUR: Municipal Commissioner K. Ilambarthi took charge on Tuesday and immediately made public his priorities -- ensuring access to drinking water and improving sanitation and garbage collection. The new Commissioner also said that top priority would be given to addressing issues relating to the people and assured that he would be accessible to residents of the city at all times.

The incumbent exuded confidence that the Guntur city would get a face-lift with liberal central funding to the tune of Rs.500 crores with which the GMC could take up works relating to putting in place a comprehensive Under Ground Drainage (UGD) system and drinking water project.

Financial condition

Earlier, Mr. Ilambarthi was given a briefing by outgoing Municipal Commissioner Siddharth Jain over the state of affairs in the corporation. Mr. Jain appraised the new Commissioner of the financial condition of the corporation, which was pulled back from the brink by assiduous financial management and the functioning of various departments.

Mr. Jain, who took over as Municipal Commissioner in July 2007, had just meagre finances of Rs.82, 891 (current account) and with liabilities over Rs.30 crores, but managed to achieve a turnaround by augmenting revenue collection.

The GMC has given sanction for 832 works worth Rs.35.15 crores during 2008-2009, out of which 544 works with an amount of Rs.16.08 crores were completed.

In the year 2009-2010, the GMC has given sanction for 70 works at a cost of Rs.3.46 crores, out of which 20 works were at tendering stage.

“The financial condition of the GMC is very sound and I am confident that Mr. Ilambarthi will continue the good work and delivery of public services,” Mr. Jain said.

In a touching gesture, Mr. Ilambarthi escorted Mr. Jain till the car and bade him good bye.