Id shopping reaches a crescendo

HYDERABAD: Old city has truly come alive. The frenzied splurging spree was all-pervasive, as Id shopping reached its crescendo. The epicentre of festive spirit was the Charminar-Pathergatti stretch, which erupted into life with the lusty shouts of hawkers.Clothes that fit one and all, skull caps from various countries, surmas, the inviting long folded strands of semiyan, trinkets of various hues for young women, groceries of all kinds, dry fruits, kaala khajoor, plastic items, jewellery and bangles was much sought after.

Under the dazzle of lights, the whole stretch starting from Madina all the way to Shahalibanda was jam-packed with customers trying to grab whatever they could before the D-day. The sartorial elegance of Hyderabadi ‘kurta-pyjama’ was most sought after, as customers waited patiently for their turn to collect their clothes from various tailor shops.

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