ITC Kakatiya saves 50,000 US dollars on power costs

HYDERABAD: Design innovation is the buzz word in multi-storeyed buildings like IT companies, hotels and hospitals, as the ‘green concepts’ that provide energy efficiency saves at least 20 per cent of electricity expenditure.

Addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, Pankaj Gupta, leader of energy and environmental affairs of India region said that his company, an arm of US $ 17-billion Ingersoll Rand, was providing energy management consultancy to a large number of companies in the country.

Mr.Gupta said that using the solutions offered by Trane, the Hotel ITC Kakatiya, Hyderabad, save at least US $ 50,000 a year in the form of reduced energy costs. The energy consumption went down by 15 per cent in the hotel. It had retrofitted two chillers of 250 tons each, instead of three 240-tonne chillers.

Chief Engineer of the hotel Acharya said that building automation solutions, including lighting controls, indoor climate management, energy consumption expertise provided by Trane were used in the hotel. A design centre of Trane was established in Chennai.

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