IAS officers condemn Minister’s comment

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: The State branch of IAS Officers’ Association on Thursday, demanded enquiry and action on the Minister for Marketing M. Marappa who alleged discrimination in corruption cases against the officers belonging to weaker sections.

The Association, in a strongly worded statement, took umbrage to the Minister’s comment and demanded its withdrawal along with an apology. Terming the statement as “ill perceived, inaccurate, untrue and in extreme bad taste”, the Executive Committee of the Association said that the tradition of reaching out to the poor and needy had been edified by officers such as S.R. Shankaran, K.R.Venugopal, P.S. Krishnan and B.N. Yugandhar.

“ It is difficult to believe that such pyrotechnics will be indulged by a responsible public functionary,” the statement said. While agreeing that there were some “black sheep” in their ranks, the Association said that generalisation of this kind smacked of limited understanding of the Indian Constitution. “This is a case of bad mechanic blaming his tools,” the statement said, “This State is in vanguard of welfare and developmental work thanks to proactive approach of its civil service led by the IAS.”

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