House panel reviews TTD activities

Enquires about ‘VIP darshans' in Tirumala temple

The Legislative Council Committee on ethics has quizzed the TTD's Executive Officer I.Y.R. Krishna Rao about the oft-made complaint against the TTD that it was being increasingly ‘VIP centric' in providing darshan at Tirumala.

The panel in course of its review of the TTD activities during its sitting here on Thursday made a pointed reference to the general complaint which implied that TTD was not caring much for providing a hassle-free darshan to the ordinary pilgrims while rolling a red-carpet for the VIPs.

Mr. Krishna Rao, interacting with the Committee Chairperson, S. Jagadeeswar Reddy and its other members, took the occasion to enumerate the measures which the TTD has initiated in the recent times in its determined bid to wipe out the ‘bad image'.

Listing the measures he cited the blanket ban imposed on the evening ‘VIP breaks' on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays when the surge of pilgrim rush into the temple would be huge being the weekend.

VIP darshan

The TTD EO also referred in this connection to the cancellation of the VIP-oriented ‘Cellar Entry' and ‘Archana Ananthara Darshan' (AAD) slots even as exercising maximum restraint in providing the much sought after ‘Break Darshan'— all with the ultimate intention of leaving maximum time for ‘dharma darshan'—the slot widely used by the ordinary pilgrims who constituted the bulk of the pilgrims who throng the hill temple from all over the country.

  • TTD EO briefs panel on measures being taken to improve facilities for pilgrims
  • Highlights the cancellation of ‘VIP breaks' on Friday, Saturday and Sunday

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