His work reflects his passion

Different strokes: Anil Kumar Chowhan displaying his calligraphic works at the Numaish. -   | Photo Credit: Photo : Satish. H.

Staff Reporter

Anil knows to read, write Urdu and is into artistic writing

Hyderabad: His love for calligraphy is clearly seen in his works. With an artistic appeal that flows through his Arabic calligraphy, Anil Kumar Chowhan is secularism personified.

This resident of Moosa Bowli in the old city sure knows his Urdu. A Hindu, Anil has done Arabic calligraphic work in a lot of mosques in the city.

“Over 16 years ago, I learnt calligraphy from my teacher, Khaja Painter, who lived in the old city. He taught me how to write in that particular style and I picked up the script with a lot of practice,” he says. In due course of time, Anil taught himself to read and write Urdu and kept honing his skills in artistic writing.

“I wrote the ‘Sura Yaseen’, one of the chapters from the Quran for Jamia Nizamia Islamic University in the old city and my work was appreciated,” he beams. He also obtained a ‘Fatwa’ from the university to carry on these works. The artist put up a stall at the All India Industrial Exhibition at Nampally where over 5,000 prints of the ‘Kalm-e-Tayyaba’ are up for sale. A lucky draw will be held on the last day where return tickets to Umrah will be given away to a lucky winner and every 200th buyer will be given return tickets to Ajmer Sharif.