HMDA initiative turns things around

T. Lalith Singh

Setting akin to a beach on Buddha Bhavan-Sanjeevaiah Park stretch soon

Entire stretch cordoned off; security posted to ward off trespassers

Planting with native palms and trees is to be taken up soon

HYDERABAD: A 1.4-km stretch on the shorelines of Hussain Sagar lake from Buddha Bhavan till almost Sanjeevaiah Park is getting a new look these days. Once a spot for washing animals and trucks and used by nearby slum dwellers for defecation, it is getting a makeover to sport an environment akin to a beach.

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) as part of its initiative towards conserving the shore area ecosystem has spent around Rs.35 lakh to come up with a series of measures.

The entire stretch has been cordoned off; security posted to ward off trespassers, and laid down turf and sand.

Senior officials explained that small business units and those from surrounding slums were counselled against doing anything that could spoil the eco-balance and apart from borewell to ensure water, community toilets were revamped there. Two toilets complete with power and water supply and a person for their maintenance have been provided.

“Till two years ago, lot of garbage dumping used to happen and people used the place at will. All that has been stopped now,” the official pointed out.

To create the beach look, 10 feet of turf has been done while river sand has been brought in for a patch of 10 feet to 30 feet wide along the stretch for almost 1.2 km.

The turf is meant to prevent soil erosion and the sand layer is almost two inches thick.

Planting with native palms and trees is to be taken up soon and the same will be done ensuring that the visual effect is not disturbed.

HMDA officials acknowledged the suggestions made by M.S. Kodarkar, scientific member of International Lake Environment Committee (ILEC), and said the work has been taken up as part of Japan Bank of International Cooperation (JBIC) project.

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