HCA match profit remains the same

V. V. Subrahmanyam

HYDERABAD: Despite a capacity crowd filling in, the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) is likely to make a profit of about Rs. 3.5 crore only from the recent India-Australia one day international held at Rajiv Gandhi stadium in Uppal on Thursday.

Interestingly, the amount is roughly the same it earned when it hosted a one-day international between the same two teams in 2007.

While seating capacity then was 42,800, this time the officially declared capacity is 39,000.

This despite the stadium wearing a finished look with the south terrace completed in all aspects.

50 corporate boxes

There are 50 corporate boxes in all and generally HCA sells each one of them for about Rs. 1.6 lakh for each match.

Now, many HCA officials themselves are not sure how the process was gone through this time around as the number of complimentary passes had come down from 13,000-plus for the 2007 match to 11,000-plus for latest one.


Revenue through sale of tickets of different denominations is Rs. 3.2 crore and the in-stadia advertisements contract was given for about Rs. 1 crore. HCA had also to pay Rs. 20 lakh as guarantee money to BCCI.

Officials said that another Rs. 20 lakh was given to an agency which took care of the barricading at the stadium which they themselves said was not “properly executed.”

Generator use

Organisers also have spent about Rs. 60,000 to procure diesel for the six generators which supplied power to the stadium floodlights. Another six generators were kept on the standby.

Generators because they did not want to take any chances of an unscheduled power failure while the match was on and this had been the accepted trend at the Rajiv Gandhi stadium for quite some time now.

Relief fund

“But, when the HCA top brass sits down to sift through the facts and figures of expenses incurred and income raised, many dubious heads would be exposed once again,” sighed an official on condition of anonymity.

The HCA has already handed over a cheque of Rs. 1 crore to Chief Minister K. Rosaiah for the relief fund at the end of the match.

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