Grand start to Palnadu fest

A flame-thrower spews out fire at the cultural procession in Piduguralla on Friday.

A flame-thrower spews out fire at the cultural procession in Piduguralla on Friday.  

P. Samuel Jonathan

PIDUGURALLA (GUNTUR DT): A colourful cultural carnival showcasing the grandeur and valour of erstwhile Palnadu kings unfolded on the streets of Lime City of Piduguralla on Friday, which was hosting the second edition of the three-day Palnadu Utsavams.

Cultural troupes from across the State and the students from various schools added the colour and vigour to the procession setting the stage for the three-day festivities. The rally which commenced from the premises of Agricultural Market Yard premises passed through the main thoroughfares and was received with rapturous applause at the main venue.

The grandeur of the procession infused the much needed vigour into the meeting. For some time, empty chairs caused anxious moments for the members of Palnadu Charitra Parirakshana Samithi, who had persisted with the choice of venue amid some resentment from the people of Palnadu. Many were of the view that the festivities should have been held at mandals in Palnadu hinterland, like Karampudi, Macherla or Gurazala. The festivities were held at Dachepalli in the year 2007.

But their apprehensions were set to rest as the procession wound its way and entered the premises of Z.P High School.

If the cultural artistes from the Sri Durga Malleswari Janapada Kala Brundam enthralled with their skill, precision and dare devil stunts, the trdaitional artistes reciting Burra Katha, the popular Jangam Burra Katha Party evoked memories of the glorious history. But the highlight of the procession was the performance of students of Vikas Public School. Dressed up in stately and flowing robes and brandishing weapons, they virtually enacted moments in the epic Palnadu Battle on the streets of Piduguralla. All the famous heroes of the Palnadu battle- Brahma Naidu, Nagamma, Kannama Dasu, Ala Raju and Nalagama Raju - were brought to life by the students.

Later, speaking at the meeting, Gurazala M.L.A Janga Krishna Murthy said that the festivities would be held every year at all the 12 mandals in the Palnadu region.

He said that efforts were being made to tap the immense tourist potential of the Palnadu region with its temples. The State Government would soon announce a package for development of tourism in the district, he said.

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