Government undemocratic in issuing G.O. 76 overnight: G. Haragopal

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Education, which ought to be the nation’s conscience, has now become the nation’s ambition, serving nobody’s purpose and non-responsive to society’s needs, observed G. Haragopal, the General Secretary of Andhra Pradesh Save Education Committee.

Presiding over a State-level seminar by the Committee on Sunday Prof. Haragopal lashed out at the Chief Minister for trying to “digress from the issue of CBSE syllabus” by questioning the integrity of the agitators in joining their children in English medium schools.

“The Government is raising petty issues of questioning intellectuals’ children studying in English medium and has been undemocratic in issuing the G.O. 76 overnight without allowing any debate. Were all these decisions part of their agenda during elections? Couldn’t they wait till next elections? Centralised syllabus will make it easier for the World Bank to exercise its influence,” he said.

He called to question the government’s decision to finance education in corporate colleges for meritorious Dalit students.

“If these colleges are so good, why not send weak students? By sending away the good ones, does the government aim to close down intermediate colleges? ” he asked.

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