Giraffe, the new star at city zoo

It is being brought from Delhi zoo

Giraffe enclosure is likely to be ready by May 1

Zoo to acquire at least two pairs of zebra soon

HYDERABAD: The ground is being flattened and the moat is getting ready. After left abandoned for more than a decade, the enclosure at Nehru Zoological Park is being given a facelift to welcome an occupant, a giraffe.

The zoo which despite boasting a wide array of wildlife did not have either a giraffe or zebra is getting the former by May 1. Being acquired under animal exchange programme from Delhi zoo, the giraffe is to be brought by road so as to reach here by this month-end.

“Since its vacation time for schools and children visit us in large numbers, we are trying to make it available by May 1,” says K.Bhoopal Reddy, zoo director. While a male giraffe is coming now, its mate is expected to be brought here in six months time.

Under the exchange, the Delhi zoo is also giving a pair of blue and yellow Macaw and a pair of red jungle fowl and in return, receiving a pair of Asiatic lion and pairs of silver and golden Pheasants from the Nehru Zoological Park.

Meanwhile, the zoo here has also decided on acquiring zebra and is likely to get it ‘straight from the market’. According to Mr. Reddy, a pair might cost around Rs.4 lakh and the idea is to bring at least two pairs here. Another animal missing at the zoo is rhinoceros, the last having succumbed to cancer recently, and efforts are on to find a replacement, he says.

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