Giant python gobbles up five lambs!

The python which swallowed five lambs in Visakhapatnam on Tuesday.  

Staff Reporter

A 15-foot-long and bulky reptile which slithered into a hut in Visakhapatnam gives a scare to shepherds

VISAKHAPATNAM: A huge python gobbled up five lambs in one go, sending a chill down the spine of the shepherd, at Madhavadhara VUDA Colony here in the early hours of Tuesday.

Eswara Rao, a shepherd, has been rearing goats on the site, a stone’s throw from the last house to the north west side of the colony. He pitched a hut for himself and another for the goats to take shelter at night. On the west side of the site is the compound wall of NSTL (Naval Science and Technological Laboratory) and on the other side he has made a fence, that acts as an additional barrier for both the huts, to keep wild animals at bay. The thick jungles of the Eastern Ghats begin a few furlongs away from the huts. Eswara Rao was asleep in his hut as usual on Monday night. Around 3 a.m., he was woken up by the unusual noises made by the goats and lambs. He came out of his hut with a lamp and tried to go into the opposite hut when a huge snake raised its head and tried to grab his hand. He recoiled in horror and shouted for help.

Eswara Rao’ s cousin Appala Raju, who also rears goats, was staying in a nearby hut. He rushed out of his hut and went to his rescue. He hit the snake on its head with an axe, killing it on the spot. On finding five lambs missing, they slit open the stomach of the python and found them dead.

The news spread like wildfire and colony residents and people of nearby areas made a beeline to the spot. Satellite channels flashed the news and the crowds swelled further to see the giant python.

“My son has two daughters and a son. He depends on the goats for a livelihood. He is the only breadwinner in the family. He sleeps alone to take care of the goats,” said Eswara Rao’s mother Pydamma. The family stays at a slum some distance away.

“The snake is around 15-foot-long and was bulky. We kept the carcasses of the snake and the lambs till 2 p.m. after which we buried them in a pit near the hillslopes,” said Appala Raju.