Games: tight security may keep away enthusiasts

V.V. Subhrahmanyam

Hyderabad: The buzz is clearly missing in the city of what is arguably the biggest sporting spectacle in India.

Neither is there the aura symbolising the significance of such an event which is about to take place, nor is the list of athletes star-studded enough to catch the imagination of the man in the street.

Unless someone visits the venues of competitions, there is no real excitement for the man in the street. May be, the high security measures which have virtually sealed off the venues for the sportslovers and also for the media unless escorted by the concerned officials, keen to have a cursory look at the few big names training, can be a major reason for this. No doubt, the echo of the bomb blasts in the city is being clearly felt as the organisers are in no mood to take any risks. How will the Hyderabadis respond to the mega event? Wait and see.

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