Gadgets play villain in the family

R. Avadhani

Legal aid centre attributes domestic squabbles to obsession with mobiles, TV

SANGAREDDY: “My wife is not taking care of me. She will be busy watching TV by the time I return from work. The house is not kept tidy,” is a husband’s complaint.

“She is not cooking properly. I am unable to eat the food,” says another husband.

“My wife is talking for hours together on the cell phone with someone else. Though I try to stop it, it is futile,” says another man.

These were some of the complains received by the Legal Aid Centre in gender section being run by the District Rural Development Agency in Medak district mirroring the prevailing social conditions. At least in two cases, the officials of the legal aid centre seized the cell phones with the consent of both wife and husband.

“In one case from Andol mandal, the wife had a cell phone while the husband didn’t. By the time he returned from work, she used to be talking with someone which led to dispute. After we seized the cell phone, everything was set right,” said E. Venugopal, legal advisor at the Centre.

Of the 292 cases received so far by the cell, 15 cases were related to cell phone dispute. On the other hand, the frequent interference of in-laws was also forcing things to go out of hand, according to an official who deals with the cases. In addition to the above said complaints, the other issues coming to the notice of gender wing were second marriages, asset disputes, child marriages and inter-caste marriages.

By taking up regular intervention and counselling every week, the Legal Aid Centre was able to solve more than 120 cases so far.

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