GHMC announces schedule for ward panels

GHMC announces schedule for ward panels

HYDERABAD: GHMC took a major step towards decentralisation of administration announcing the schedule for formation of ward committees and area sabhas in a couple of months’ time. The Government has already issued orders directing that 20 per cent of the annual budget be allocated to ward committees to take up civic works including sanitation.

Eligible candidates for ward committees can apply to the deputy municipal commissioners concerned by March 12 and consolidation list of candidates of all the 150 ward committees will be finalised by March 27. While the corporator concerned will be the chairperson, at least 10 members are drawn electors representing the civil society from the respective ward and area sabha members. Fifty per cent members have to be women and civil society members can be president/secretary from registered residents’ welfare associations, member of tax payers association, office-bearer of slum or senior member of a self-help group, member of a NGO, chamber of commerce, medical council or any prominent citizen.

Final list

From March 25 to 31, all the deputy municipal commissioners concerned will have to divide each ward into area sabhas and an election notification inviting applications from eligible persons to become members on April 14. Forms will be received from April 15 to 29, scrutiny from April 30 to May 6 and final list will be approved by May 10.

There will be one sabha for every 5,000 population with a representative nominated by the Corporation from the civil society. Eligibility rules are nearly the same as that for the ward members chosen from the civil society. General council meetings will be endorsing the final list of candidates. The representatives will be assisting ward committees in finalising works for the area, identify beneficiaries of welfare schemes, bring about awareness, etc. As for the powerful Standing Committee presided by the Mayor, GHMC is likely to recommend a 10-member panel to the government.

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