Fresh lease of life for Pakistani woman

Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Proving that medicine is beyond boundaries, a 60-year-old Pakistani lady underwent a spinal surgery at the city based Global Hospitals. According to a press release, Ahmedi Begum was suffering from severe lower back pain and had previously been operated upon at Karachi. However, her condition continued to worsen and she was unable to take even a few steps.

She then came to Hyderabad to be treated by Dr. G.P.V. Subbaiah, a spine surgeon at the hospital about whom she had heard from her relatives residing in the city. She was diagnosed to have severe spinal canal stenosis at two levels in her spine and ‘spondylolisthesis’. Dr. Subbaiah performed decompression and spinal fusion on December 18 relieving her of the symptoms, the press release claimed.

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