Free from sufferings at last

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The two women in their early 20s suffered for over two months in Oman

HYDERABAD: No question of marrying again! That is the vow taken by Sameena Begum and Nazia Begum.

The two Hyderabadi women in their early 20s, who suffered for over two months in Oman having been conned into marriage with two `mentally challenged' Oman nationals, flew back to city a couple of days ago. They are happy to join their families and are confident of beginning life afresh.

"But no question of another marriage. Better live and die being ourselves," they said, recalling with a shudder the trauma they went through since the day they stepped into the house of their in-laws in Oman.

So scared are the two cousins that they are not willing to consider even if some good-hearted locals extend their hand to them in marriage.

Hailing from two poor families of Bhavaninagar in old city, they were married off to Oman twins -- Mohd. Bin Salem and Yousuf Bin Salem -- on July 16 last.

Marriage broker

Their parents were desperate and performed the marriages using the photographs of the bridegrooms, who remained in Oman itself when the marriages were solemnised.

A marriage broker, also an Oman national, took them to Oman a month later.

The brides were shocked on learning that their husbands were epileptics and mentally challenged.

"Our husbands and in-laws started physically torturing us when we wanted to annul the marriage," the women recalled.

Their parents approached the city police who registered a cheating case and arrested two local marriage brokers and three `qazis' who performed the marriage.

With the help of Indian Embassy officials in Oman, the two women filed a case in a local court there, paid fine amount for seeking divorce and returned safely to Hyderabad.

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