Flood warning: CPI seeks judicial probe

Special Correspondent

‘While CWC says it has alerted the State, Rosaiah denies receiving any information’

Until the State clarifies, opposition parties will continue to blame government: Narayana

Shopping complex on river bed suffers damage; Rs. 3 lakh to six lakh loss to shop-keepers

KURNOOL: Communist Party of India (CPI) State secretary K. Naranaya has urged the government to institute a judicial probe into the lapse in forewarning of floods.

Talking to reporters here on Tuesday, he said the CWC was claimed to have issued a flood warning to the State government indicating unprecedented flood to the Tungabhadra river. But the Chief Minister himself denied the CWC information saying no such warning was ever issued by the Central agency. It would be appropriate if the judicial authority inquired into the matter and cleared the doubts.

Mr. Narayana said until the State government got the controversy clarified the opposition parties would keep pointing an accusing figure at the government.

‘Projects needed’

Mr. Narayana told the people voicing concern over construction of large projects saying that they were indeed needed for producing more food and supplying water for drinking and industrial purposes. Just for the sake of floods, people should not take a negative stand. Instead, fool-proof measures should be initiated to moderate floods in the river.

Shopping complex

Mr. Narayana took exception to construction of shopping complex on the river bed at Mantralayam by the Trust. The Trust had been collecting rent from the shop-keepers regularly.

The flood had devastated the shopping complex causing heavy financial loss to shop keepers ranging from Rs. 3 lakh to six lakh.

The Trust, which constructed the complex against the norms, should come to the rescue of the shopkeepers who could not recover without support from the people outside.

Mr. Narayana distributed utensils and blankets to flood victims in the city later.