Flood alert creates panic

The routine flood alert along the banks of Tungabhadra created panic among people in some places in the city. The irrigation, revenue and police authorities received a formal message from Tungabhadra dam authorities that the reservoir was full and floodwaters could be discharged any time through crest gates at Hospet.

However, the inflow into the reservoir was only 30,000 cusecs. Of it, around 9,000 cusecs was released to different canals. By Wednesday, the level rose to 1631.07 ft (FRL 1633 ft). The dam authorities were likely to release floodwaters on Thursday or Friday depending on the inflows in the upper reaches.

Meanwhile, Collector Ramsankar Naik told The Hindu that there was nothing to panic about the alert which was small and the waters would take another week to reach Kurnool.

The alert was aimed at those working on the dry river bed to bring out their equipment such pumpsets etc.

The Collector said he was monitoring the flood flow through out the catchment area right from its origin every day and an alert would be issued only when flood size crossed 1.5 lakh cusecs. He asked public not to panic saying that appropriate information would be given when needed.

Meanwhile, several families were seen vacating houses in One Town, Prakash Nagar and NR Pet after the police and revenue officials announced through mikes about the flood.

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