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Stress on multi-disciplinary approach

Vivek Institute organises seminar

Dysfunctional marriage and genetic factors contributing to the problem

VISAKHAPATNAM: Principal of Andhra Medical College G. Bhagya Rao called upon the need for multi-disciplinary approach in helping the children with learning problems and sensitising people about their problems.

Addressing a seminar on ‘Learning problems in Children’ conducted by Vivek, an institute for training slow-learners on Sunday, he said educating the parents about their children was important, as many parents did not know what these children could achieve.

An art exhibition by P. Radhika was conducted on the occasion.

Vivek director C. Radhakanth said children could grow and utilise their potential to the full if they were given proper training. The attitude of society needed to be changed. People usually labelled them useless and neglected them. Different learning disabilities such as autism, dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mild mental retardation, childhood depression, school phobia and exam anxiety needed to be addressed separately, he said.

“Learning backwards occur due to subtle deficits in language, reading, writing functions, right left orientation, and inadequate transmission of information from one area of the brain to another as well as incomplete integration of the various sensory inputs. Our school specifically addresses the deficits of the individual child along with the principles of child psychology which could create faster uptake of information by the child,” he said.

Studies have revealed that problems occurred due to consanguineous or dysfunctional marriages, birth trauma, genetic factors, prolonged labour, and refusal of women to go for caesarean and deliveries using forceps by the doctors on impulse. Parents need to be sensitised so that they could identify if their child had a learning problem even before the schooling stage said, Head of the Department of Social Work Andhra University R.D. Sampath Kumar.

Principal Maharajah Institute of Medical Sciences (Vizianagaram) T.P. Gandhi called for creating awareness about learning problems in children.

Swami Guneshanandji from Ramakrishna Mission said the attitude that these children were different needed to be discarded. “We should not berate the child and need to go to the level of the child to teach him,” he added.

Head of the Department of the Fine Arts department (AU) Ravi Shankar Patnaik said these children had a lot hidden beneath them and they could relieve themselves by venting their feelings using colours and malleable medium of clay.

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