Five students held on harassment charge

Staff Reporter

KARIMNAGAR: The Karimnagar town police have launched a special drive against eve-teasers in various parts of the town by deploying decoy teams and arrested five youth on Tuesday.

The drive was launched under the supervision of Town CI Ganapath Jadav. Following complaints, the police had deployed decoy team at the busy Kaman crossroads and nabbed five youth when they were teasing the women and girls, who were passing on the road.

The arrested youth include P. Purnachander Reddy (23) of Kaman area, A. Raghunatha Reddy (21) son of a police constable, S. Adithya (21) of Bank Colony, K. Gopinath (22) and K. Nithin Kumar (20).

Paraded in public

All the accused were B. Tech students and were paraded from the Kaman to police station area in the public for teasing the women.

The women and girls were informed to call the police if they were harassed by the eve-teasers including auto drivers in any part of the town.