Film focuses on attitude of urban teenagers

HYDERABAD: The attitude of urban teenagers towards life, their obsessions and at the same time, reluctance to pay attention to even their parents builds up in the film ‘Honeymoon’ that was screened at International Children’s Film Festival here.

“They have all the comforts of life and riches , yet are turning oblivious to responsibilities. This is what my film tries to underscore in a telling fashion,” says the film director Chen Jun.

The film traces the story of a teenager, who not comfortable with the idea of a stepmother, runs away from home. How things change later is presented in a captivating way.

School Days

Adolescence is the best phase of life. Capturing the innocence, emotions, turbulence and infatuations of these days is the film ‘School Days’ directed by Dilip Sood. Shot in Delhi, it brings out the story of a brilliant student who dies in the school ground.

The Will To Win!

A tough and naughty child is expelled from school after stoning his brutish teacher. How the arrival of a compassionate teacher on the scene changes his fate is the movie all about. A debut film by director Rishi Deshpande.

Little Heroes

Children’s film festivals in future will have more representation from Israel, representative of ‘Little Heroes’ Noa Roll said. She said the audience response to the movie was heartening.

Bandu Boxer

It’s about a boy who wants to be a boxer and chases his dream. How he meets a tribal boy and is amazed at the conditions in which tribal boys study provokes new thoughts in him, says Rajeev Mohan, director.

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