Fifth coronation centenary of Krishnadevaraya celebrated

Special Correspondent

KURNOOL: The fifth centenary of the coronation of Vijayanagara king Sri Krishnadevaraya was celebrated at Government Degree College for Men here on Monday.

The departments of history and journalism jointly conducted the event commemorating the coronation of the great king of South India.

Head of history department Abdul Khader said Krishnadevaraya made great contribution to the irrigation sector by tying up with the Portuguese who transferred the latest technology. Many dams across the rivers and huge tanks in plain areas were built during his times. True Jalayagnam was implemented during Krishnadevaraya time because even queens contributed their private money to build irrigation tanks in their names. Temples made contributions for building irrigation sources. His fourth wife Tukkaji spent her dowry on Cumbhum tank in Prakasam district.

Krishnadevarayana consolidated his empire which ensured him steady supply of horses, irrigation technology and even gun powder.

Economic zones

Dr. Khader said Krishnadevarayana created special economic zones for traders offering concessions and built ports to give boost to overseas trade which ensured flow of huge wealth into Vijayanagara kingdom.

Dr. Maddaiah said Krishnadevarayana had special affinity with Kurnool city as he married his two daughters to princes from Kurnool - Aliyarama Rayalu and Tirumala Devarayalu - who later played a major role at Humpi. The Kurnool fort was built by Achyuta Devarayalu, step brother of Krishnadevaraya, as part of strengthening of forts in Vijayanagara empire after Krishnadevaraya.

Dr. Maddaiah said Krishnadevaraya visited Srisailam, Ahobilam and C. Belagal in Kurnool and made huge contributions for development of the temples. Krishnadevaraya found time for arts and literature too and made finest contribution for their development. Fourteen scholars presented the papers at the workshop.

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