Farmers’ association seeks revamp of Spices Board

Board accused of thriving on regulations

India losing ground to new entrants in pepper and cardamom markets

Advocacy paper on crisis in pepper production and trade released

HYDERABAD: The city-based Consortium of Indian Farmers’ Association has demanded a thorough revamp of the Spices Board in view of the country losing considerable ground to new entrants like Vietnam and Sri Lanka in pepper and Guatemala in cardamom.

Audit and assessment

P. Chengal Reddy, the secretary-general of the Association, in a statement issued here on Sunday offered the Association’s assistance to the Central government in “auditing and assessing” the real worthiness of the work done by the Spices Board.

Deep crisis

He stated that in the era of deregulations, the Spices Board “thrives on regulations and hefty budget allotments. Indian agriculture is in a deep crisis, which does not bode good for the agricultural sector. It’s time we started questioning all the wasteful expenses in our agricultural economy.”

Inglorious present

Further, Mr. Chengal Reddy went on to add that the Indian Farmers’ Association had released its advocacy paper on this issue. The title of the paper is ‘Pepper production and pepper trade—India’s glorious past and its inglorious present’.

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