Exploring India – the American way

It's a fine morning on Wednesday. A foreigner is walking all alone on the roadside with uncombed hair, carrying three small bags.

Meet Graeme Lithgow, aged about 30, a native of Arizona, USA. He is on a mission to explore India. He is in India for the pastseven weeks and for some time was in Hyderabad. He alsoattended classes at Vipassana meditation centre to experience the practice of d hyana.

He was there on the roads, walked in slums and slept on roadside just to experience it.

Then he decided to walk to Mumbai, 750-km-long distance to interact with people, to know their living conditions, their religion and the language. He commenced his walk from Hyderabad on Tuesday. He slept on a road-side at Ramchandrapuram in a makeshift tent which was soaked in heavy rain.

“I never came across a city like Hyderabad which is heavily crowded. But people are good and living happily though the living conditions are poor for many,'' Mr. Graeme shared his experiences with The Hindu while having tea at a roadside shop.

He is very much impressed with the Indian culture and Hindu religion. Hindi thoda thoda ati. My samajh sakta lekin bath nahi kar sakta,'' he says.

Mr. Graeme is confident of completing his walk to Mumbai in 15 days as he is walking about 50-km. every day. He will be in India till November. He also wants to walk along the banks of the Ganges. “I will take up that expedition in my next trip to India,” he says.

Graeme Lithgow, an American, hits the streets, roams in slums and sleeps on the roadside just to experience the feeling

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