Endoscopic sinus surgery opens new chapter

City surgeon attends global workshop at Singapore General Hospital

Endoscopic sinus surgery and skull base surgery have opened a new chapter in the medical arena, according to noted ENT surgeon in the city S.K.E. Apparao.

The surgeon, who returned to the city on Wednesday after participating in an international workshop on endoscopic sinus surgery and skull base surgery at Singapore General Hospital on July 31, August 1 and 2, said he was invited as teaching faculty at the workshop. This was the third time he attended such workshop in Singapore.

Dr. Apparao said brain fluid leak, meningo seal, pituitary tumours and clival cordom could be performed with the new surgical method which involved endoscopic invasion through nose instead of opening the skull. “For 40 years they were conducting microscopic surgery. Now, thanks to endoscopy, the light to be focussed closer for better visibility and better results,” he said.

The surgeon said as many as 38 surgeries were performed with endoscopy, all with tremendous success.

Dr. Apparao also said, he in association with noted neuro surgeon N.V.S. Mohan conducted a one-and-a-half hour to two hour surgery demonstration in Hyderabad on removal of pituitary tumours through endoscopy which was well-appreciated.

Dr. Mohan said he and Dr. Apparao performed clival cordom surgery - for removal of tumour near brain stem – for the first time in the history of Visakhapatnama city three months back. “In skull-base surgery (SBS), we approach the brain from below through the nose unlike in the past where the brain was opened from the top. The old type or surgery cost Rs.2 lakhs to Rs.3 lakhs with a duration of about 24 hours and long period of hospitalisation, the new SBS through endoscopy cost about Rs.20,000 to Rs.30,000 with less mortality and early recovery, he explained.

“Through microscope, we can see only in a straight line whereas in endoscope, we can see from all angles and corners and it is minimal invasive with maximum success,” he added.

Head of Apoorva Hospitals N.A.N. Murthy said Dr. Apparao. who was running Susruta ENT and Laser Centre on his hospital premises, was doing excellent work adopting advanced medical technologies. Surgical oncologist Muralidhara and general surgeon K.S. Anant were also present.

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