EMRI to expand services

Staff Reporter

Pilot project in Medak district to focus on rural areas

Four services will start working from MarchThe district has only two blood banks

Sangareddy: The Emergency Management and Research Institute's (EMRI) 108 service in Medak district is on an expansion path with 15 more new services, particularly in the rural areas. EMRI chose Medak for the pilot project under its EMRI-Government of Andhra Pradesh expansion project.

The new services were launched during the first week of February in Zaheerabad, Andole, Sadasivapet, Kowdipalli, Narsapur, Medak, Toopran, Gajwel, Mirdoddi and Siddipet. However, four of these services will start working from March. After the launch the additional vehicles, it is possible to reach 46 mandals, 1,286 villages and a population of 27 lakhs. According to EMRI district coordinator P. Ajai Babu, they attended to 1,747 emergencies and received more than 10,000 phone calls since the inception of the service six months ago in the district.

He said EMRI saved the lives of 50 persons injured in road accidents due to timely medical aid because they could succeeded in provide medical aid on time within the golden hour.

Only 701 cases were of medical in nature and 1,044 cases come under the purview of the police.

Mr. Ajai told The Hindu that Medak was chosen for the pilot project because of the poor state of medical facilities in the district.

He pointed out that the medical infrastructure in all the 67 primary health centres, seven community hospitals, two area hospitals and the district hospital were not commensurate to deal with the medical emergencies like trauma despite the two major national highways and one State highway passing through the district with an average of 2.5 deaths per day.

Ajai said that the hospitals must have a doctor and be able to provide life saving oxygen and blood.

The district has only two blood banks and has none in places like Siddipet and Narayankhed.