EMRI scouts for partner

New partner needs to commit to at least Rs.100 crore to repay loans, support existing set-up

Operational costs of ‘108’ ambulance services funded by State

HYDERABAD: Emergency Management and Research Institute (EMRI) that offers emergency medical services is hopeful of generating funds necessary for its operations.

Venkat Changavalli, CEO, EMRI said that the necessity of finding a new partner emerged after the Satyam scam broke out. “Several institutions have come forward to support us and a final picture would emerge in a day or two,” he said. However, Tech Mahindra that has bought Satyam would continue to provide the technology support. “Our agreement with Satyam for technology support will expire in 2011 and the new buyer has agreed to honour this,” he said.

Mr. Changavalli said the new partner has to commit at least Rs. 100 crore to pay the existing loans and support the existing set up. The State government funds the operational costs of the ‘108’ ambulance services but the EMRI takes up the costs of its employees. He said the Satyam scam has not affected the services of EMRI. In fact, there is a growth of 25 per cent in the last three months.

EMRI signed an MoU with Osmania University to grant affiliation to its two-year advanced PG Diploma in Emergency Care. The entrance test would be conducted on June 14 to admit 150 students for the four-semester course. The course fee is Rs. 46,000 per semester. Details can be had on

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