Documents reveal presence of RK

The seized materials from the encounter site near Panasput village in Malkangiri district of Odisha, where 24 Maoists were killed on Monday and four on Tuesday, appears to be a treasure trove for the police.

Apart from recovering a cache of arms that includes AK 47 rifes, SLR, INSAS, a hand grenade, communication sets and over 50 kit bags. The study material and the laptop that was recovered are reportedly giving vital leads to the police. Going by the assembly of so many top leaders and the material seized, the police have almost come to the conclusion that Central Committee Member RK and his right-hand man Uday was present either in the camp that was attacked or in another camp a little further ahead. The recovery of 50 kits bags indicate that over 50 hardcore Maoists were present at the camp, and as per the literature recovered, it indicates that they had assembled for their annual political class and to discuss the tactical counter offensive campaign (TCOC), against the police. The Maoist movement has been waning in the tribal belts of AOB, and top sources in the police informed The Hindu that as per the documents found at the encounter site, the Maoists were deeply concerned about the low response from Andhra and parts of Odisha and were planning something big to revive the movement and the focus was on a big strike before the proposed Panchayat elections in Odisha, to show their strength. According to an officer engaged in the operation, RK may still be located close by and the forces are continuing the combing operation.

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