Detention of two bootleggers ordered

Staff Reporter

KHAMMAM: District Collector Shashibhushan Kumar on Thursday ordered detention of two bootleggers by booking them under the Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, dacoits, drug offenders, goondas, immoral traffic offenders and land grabbers Act 1986.

Excise superintendent C. Janardhan said that Paleboina Nageswara Rao, a resident of Khammam town, was arrested by the department five times on the charge of indulging in illicit distillation and sale. Similarly Bodu Ramakrishna, another person from Sathupalli town was arrested six times on similar grounds.

Despite several warnings that came even from the Deputy commissioner of Prohibition and Excise, C. Jagadish Kumar Reddy, the two failed to mend their ways and desist from the harmful trade. The collector had sounded a warning to all those indulging in bootlegging to stop the practice fortwith.

He said because of crude an unscientific methods adopted in its distillation, the consumption of ID liquor would some times prove to be fatal. The strong liquid containing harmful impurities and acids would adversely affect the central nervous system and damage the liver.

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