Depleting water table, power cuts add to woes

Special Correspondent

Demand for water tankers going up

Delivery time taking minimum 48 hours

HYDERABAD: It is still early summer, but some areas in twin cities are already in the throes of water crisis with quantum and duration of piped water supply coming down significantly. Added to this, depleting water table has made borewells go dry in several areas. For the last 10 days, with duration of once-in-three-day supply not going beyond half an hour and pressure falling drastically, the dependence on borewells became inevitable.

With the depleting water table due to deficit rainfall, the yield from borewells too declined in areas like Jubilee Hills, Banjara Hills, Srinagar Colony increasing demand for water tankers from Hyderabad Metro Water Supply and Sewerage Board.

But getting water tankers delivered by the water board is proving to be another task altogether, it appears. With demand for water tankers going up rapidly from apartment complexes, the delivery time has been taking minimum 48 hours. “We had to shell out more than the normal amount for a 5,000-litre tanker, for an urgent delivery as there was not a drop at home and we had to rush to work,” complained Ms. Rubina, a resident of Banjara Hills.

However, Hyderabad Metro officials said the city continued to get its normal supply of 337 mgd from its regular sources- Singur, Krishna Phase I and Phase II, and city reservoirs but there were some minor distribution problems in some pockets due to disruption in power supply which in turn affected lifting water from reservoirs. “We will streamline the supply and distribution system soon. There is enough water to last till June. A coordination committee comprising officials of Water and Electricity department was formed to monitor the distribution system,” they assured.