Delta modernisation proposals submitted

Staff Reporter

Rajahmundry: Irrigation officials of East and West Godavari districts have prepared detailed estimates of Godavari delta modernisation and sent the proposals for administrative sanction to the State Government.

According to the Superintendent Engineer of the Irrigation department the proposals are prepared for Eastern, Central and Western delta areas and it comes to Rs.4100 crores. Earlier, the Irrigation officials prepared the same proposals with an estimate of Rs.2600 crores, but without lining works to canals. The Chief Minister who reviewed the delta modernisation in last month was said to have asked the irrigation officials to come with complete details within a month.

Finally, the irrigation officials went to Hyderabad on Monday night with revised proposals from Rs.2600 crores to Rs.4100 crores, which includes Rs.930 crores for Eastern delta modernisation, dividing into six packages. Central delta modernisation will be done with Rs.880 crores with six more packages and drainage with five packages of Rs.500 crores.

According to irrigation officials, Dhawaleswaram Barrage modernization is one of the important aspect under modernization of Godavari Delta which requires immediate repairs with Rs.40 crores. Modernization of Western Delta will come around Rs.1800 crores out of which Rs.1400 crores will be spent on irrigation.

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